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100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red
100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red
100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red
100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red
100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red
100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red
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100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red

$13.99 USD
Do you want to have a distinctive party or festival decoration? This 100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red is recommended specially. It impresses customer by its excellent lights effects, environmental protection and energy-saving advantage. What´s more attractive, it is wireless and can automatically turn on at night, bringing great convenience for your use. Don´t hesitate, just decorate your amazing party, park, Christmas trees with this cheap and nice lamp.
  • Great for Christmas, party or other celebration occasions, perfect for decorating courtyard, park, Christmas tree, etc
  • With normal light model
  • Bright light and long lifespan
  • Mono crystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar cells
  • Energy conversion efficiency is more than 14%
  • Environmental protection and energy conservation
  • Sealed process, with good waterproof performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wireless lamp, auto turn on at night
  • No wiring needed, powered by solar energy
  • The solar string lamp can keep glowing for about 8 hours a night after fully charged during the day
Key Features Solar String Fairy Lights
LED Quantities 100 LEDs
Charging Time About 8 hours
Light Color Red
Length 472.4" / 1200cm
Light Mode Static light
Weight 276g / 9.73oz
Package Includes
  • 1 x 100 LED Light Solar String Lamp Festival Deco Red

Power-saving: Equipped with a solar panel for charging, this power-saving LED string light is ideal for decorative illumination for stages, rooms or public areas. Gentle light will create wonderful atmosphere for you on special days. It is a necessity for holiday decoration.

Features: Featuring high brightness, low power consumption and long span, this power-saving LED string light is your ideal choice for decorative illumination. Decorate your home with this string light for the coming holidays.

The specialties of solar string lights:
  • 1. Intelligent lighting control: The solar string light will be off automatically when the solar panel detects light at some degree. When the light reduces to a certain extent, the string light will be on automatically.
  • 2. Eco-friendly and power-saving: Powered by continuous and eco-friendly solar energy, it has no pollution.
  • 3. Multi-function: Various colors and different flashing modes.
  • 4. Easy installation: It comes with a spiked bracket for fixing to the garden ground or other objects with mounting holes. It can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall or shelf. The place will be bright wherever the light is placed.
Some instructions:
  • 1. The solar string light must be placed in the open air or the location with plenty of sunshine. If it is placed under the tree or eave, the string light would not be charged fully and its working time at night would be shorter than the situation when it is fully charged.
  • 2. Prevent the object shielding the solar panel during charging in the daytime.
  • 3. It is ON/OFF button. The upper one is OFF, the other one is ON.
  • 4. You can choose several flashing modes by pressing MODE/FLASH button, like all LEDs on and full flash.
  • 5. Powered by solar energy, the string light controller can be charged on the places with plenty of sunshine, wherever the switch is on or off.
The application of solar string lights:

The solar string light is suitable for decorating different locations, such as squares, parks, shopping malls, hotels, ballrooms, bars, meeting places, weddings, parties and family rooms, or beautifying your vehicles, like cars, buses, taxis and so on. It is also ideal for Christmas decoration and you can lay the lights on Christmas trees, doors, windows, gardens and other items. Besides, the light is also perfect for illuminating lamp boxes or the places where it is inconvenient to lay electric cables and wires. Furthermore, it will have a good performance in severe weather and is suitable for outdoor use owing to its waterproof and anti-exposure design.