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Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier! With it, The Mobile Phone Becomes an iPad in One Second!

by Dino inthebox on December 23, 2020

I like watching movies recently. In his free time, prepare three or two small dishes, nest in a small room, and watch an old movie quietly.

When chasing a drama, you still have to watch it until midnight.

At this moment, I think it would be great to have a projector, computer, or ipad at home.

Watching a drama, the big screen is cool!

It doesn't matter if it doesn't, because I recently discovered this thing.

"Mobile phone screen magnifier" with online sales of 1 million+.

Folding Pull-out Lifting Mobile Phone Screen High-definition Amplifier Ultra-Clear Anti-blue Screen Magnifier
Full-screen high-definition, detail restoration and magnification, one-to-one original ratio ultra-clear magnification, and ultra-clear restoration display. True HD, anti-blue light, protect eyes
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It can not only magnify the screen of the mobile phone, but also protect the eyes from radiation, which is simply an artifact for watching dramas!

Have a big screen experience anytime, anywhere, protect

your eyes, and watch movies easily.

1. HD zoom + eye protection

After the phone screen is enlarged, the picture quality is almost maintained.
The picture is enlarged, but the picture quality is still high-definition without shrinking.

The effect of the screen is to magnify the entire mobile phone. The full-screen mobile phone can be viewed in full screen. If it is a mobile phone with "bangs", the screen can be adjusted forward to fill the entire screen.

The reflective effect is the same as that of a TV or a mobile phone. There will be a little reflection in places with complex and strong light.

2. Comparison of magnification under strong light

But this is normal, as long as you adjust the angle slightly, or pull down the curtains and lower the brightness of the room, the clarity will be higher.

3. Reduce the brightness of the surrounding light

Comparison of actual effects at close range.
It's no different from the original painting, it's much cooler than looking at the phone directly.

4. Comparison of magnification in low light

Full screen close-range adjustment effect.
The reflection disappears after the screen appears, the principle is the same as that of mobile phones and TVs.

Watch on the big screen and enjoy the good time of watching movies, watching games, and chasing dramas.

Such a practical mobile phone screen magnifier, now the price is only $13.76-$28.99, are you excited? 

Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 3D Video Magnifying Glass Eye Protector Multi-function Smart-phone Bracket Holder Random Color
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3D Phone Screen Amplifier HD Magnifier Universal Video Amplifier Smartphone Stand Folding Desktop Holder for iPhone Samsung Phone
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Recommended reason:

1. Zoom in on the phone screen in one second;
2. High-definition display to protect eyes;
2. Portable and easy to store, permanent use.

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