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How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

by Dino inthebox on December 31, 2020

Electric shavers are easy to buy, and choosing the right type is the key. At present, there are two types of electric shavers in the market: rotary and reciprocating.

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Buy a reciprocating type for thick and hard beards, and a rotating type for thin and soft beards.

Let me talk about reciprocating.

The principle of the reciprocating type is that the motor drives the blade net to reciprocate left and right. This model has strong power and good facial fit, so the shave is very clean, especially for hard stubble. Sometimes the vibration is large, and sometimes it will be very uncomfortable to shave the upper and lower lips.

Representative brands of reciprocating shavers are Panasonic and Braun.

Reciprocating long like this ⬇️

How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

Then talk about rotary.

The principle of the rotary type is that the rotating shaft drives the circular knife net to cut the beard. This kind of machine has low noise and good use comfort, but because the power is not strong enough, it is not easy to shave hard stubble. So it is more suitable for users with soft beards and comfort.

How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

How do we test electric shavers?

Look at the head

How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

In fact, electric shavers on the market are very complicated, and even the heads are divided into reciprocating and automatic rotating types. If you have to evaluate which one is better, it seems that there is not much difference, but the function effect is different, and the experience is different.

How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

The working principle of the three-dimensional rotary cutter head is mainly divided into two cutter heads inside and outside. The outer layer is mainly a mesh design. The beard enters the interior through the mesh, and the inner cutter head will cut the beard through relative movement. Down, the overall process is relaxed and comfortable.

If you investigate your parents and find that reciprocating electric shavers are their favorite, it's not that they have a certain feeling. But in terms of their experience, this high-speed swinging cutter head design has a stronger cleaning effect, which is more practical than the previous two.

How to Choose an Electric Shaver?
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The reciprocating cutter head also has an advantage that cannot be ignored. Compared with the rotary cutter head, because of its own design, the shaving process is prioritized, so the cleaning power is not uniform. On the contrary, the reciprocating cutter head is more uniform and smooth, which is a good choice for men who love cleanliness.
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How to Choose an Electric Shaver?
Wet and dry double shaving: People are too lazy in life at present, dry and wet double shaving makes a lot of life portable.
How to Choose an Electric Shaver?
Intelligent anti-pinching: remember that old-fashioned razors will always have the pain of pinching beards due to long use. And now some products use smart anti-pinch as a promotional point, attracting many people's attention.
How to Choose an Electric Shaver?
Automatic grinding blade: The most difficult thing about the razor is that the cutter head will not be sharp enough because of the practical time, but for the design of the automatic grinding system, this embarrassment is avoided. The principle is also very simple. It is to rub the outer and inner blades to make the blade sharper and more stylish with fast friction.
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Shaving techniques

Tighten the skin so that the razor is close to the skin and the roots of the beard.

Stretch the upper lip and bite it gently with your teeth to better shave the beard under the nose.

After shaving, use moisturizer to soothe and protect the skin.

Replace the cutter head in time. The reciprocating shaver is about 18 months old, and the rotary shaver is about to replace the head every 2 years.